To Increase Revenue and Bottom-Line Profits
April 23th & 24th, 2020
@ The Westin Galleria Dallas, Texas 
Here’s what you can expect…

We’ll have an A-List lineup of expert speakers.

These folks have put the work in and seen results.

They’re in the trenches every day, just like you and me.

And when they speak, they’ll reveal insider sales and marketing secrets working RIGHT NOW.

A lot of times, most speakers show you what worked 6 months ago because they don’t want you competing with them.

But this is different...

We’re a very tight-knit group of closers… and everyone has each other’s back.

That means…

Nothing will be held back and these speakers have been instructed to “leave it all out on stage”.

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to network with 300 other BFA members and graduates.
Business ACTUALLY gets done and REAL connections that last a lifetime are forged.

In fact, most of our events result in the attendees forming joint ventures, hiring each other and exchanging valuable, profit-boosting information.

That means, you know EVERYONE in the room will be a badass in their own right.

You’re going to have a kick ass time!

By the time you leave our Mastermind, you’ll have a marketing and sales strategy you can easily implement to increase revenue and bottom-line profits.

You’ll also network with the sharpest sales and marketing minds in the world.

That’s not B.S. either. Some of the folks speaking have made $100,000.00 in a day… and others have 
made well over a million dollars in a year.

You won’t want to miss this.
The CEO of Hardcore Closer, is a 4X BESTSELLING AUTHOR, podcaster, and blogger. 

His notoriety and savage sales acumen have put him on the pages of the largest media publications on the planet, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Addicted2Success, The Good Men Project, The Lighter Side of Real Estate and Huffington Post.

A BAMF, unafraid to take action, he has coached thousands of people to overcome the Force Of Average™ and became the leader in modern marketplace sales training.
Kent is a very successful investor, author, a Real Estate Wholesaling Expert, and President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW).

Kent is the MAN when it comes to real estate investing. He has ran multiple 9-and 10-figure business and is the King of Flipping- over 5,000 houses!

Kent has become a trusted staple in the REI Industry after starting 11 multimillion dollar businesses, spanning wholesaling, turn key, software, and education.

He is a proud husband and a father of 3.
Amy got her start in the investment industry interning at age 16, and by age 25 had been recruited to a $22B hedge fund. As a high-net-worth stockbroker and investment savage in Arizona and Texas, Amy raised over $300M in 2015 alone for multi-national privately-owned companies. Now, matriarch of the Stewman family, Amy manages a multi-million dollar household and is launching her Mrs. Hardcore Closer coaching business and blog specializing in unearthing authenticity in the lives of Alpha Females in power couple relationships, at home, with family and in business.
 Vince has created a digital real estate empire as the Founder of Internet Traffic Factory, Author of Internet Traffic And Leads, International Speaker, host of Internet Traffic Jam, creator of Internet Traffic Live Events, and founder of, a full service digital agency for business owners seeking more traffic and leads.
Vince now dedicates his life to helping thousands of internet entrepreneurs and business owners learn, implement and master the most cutting edge advertising and traffic strategies today!
Dan Fleyshman
Dan Fleyshman is the co-founder of Elevator Studio- helping influencers build their brand and create their businesses. He is the youngest founder EVER of a publicly traded company (at age 23). He is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He advises over 25 companies.

Dan also is a generous philanthropist. He supports over a dozen charities and is also the founder of which creates and distributes backpacks for the homelesss.
Chase Hero
In 2010 Chase founded an advertising & technology company that grew to a 9-figure business. His success in the tech sector allowed him to branch out into the financial markets. Finding a new love in trading the markets, Chase founded Pacer Capital in 2014. From its inception Pacer Capital focused heavily on cryptocurrency. Thanks to the fundamental and technical trading skills he developed in the financial markets, Chase was able excel in crypto markets. In 2015, Chase and his team founded The Watchers Facebook group which was designed to educate the masses about all things crypto. 
Zak Folkman
After graduating from New York Law School with his J.D., Zak decided to pursue his true passion for building businesses and creating technology. Zak formed his own advertising and technology firm that quickly grew to 8-figures in revenue. In 2013, along with his wife, Zak moved to St. Thomas to realize his dream of working from a laptop on a beach. For the past few years Zak has ran his advertising company from the beautiful Caribbean while also investing in everything from cryptocurrency and technology startups to real estate. Zak also serves as an acting advisor to blockchain projects he is passionate about.
nathalia castellon
 Actress, Speaker,Entrepreneur,  and influencer of positive change. Nathalia is the founder of nfluence consulting. Helping to build brands through influencer marketing.

Nathalia is also the co-founder of the Project Paper Bag founded 4 years ago. Changing lives one paper bag at a time by giving back to help better homeless communities.

John Mallot
 Founder and Chairman of Build Your Empire. John has built global originations doing 100’s of millions of dollars and has helped thousands of people achieve financial freedom.
Joel Marion
BioTrust co-founder Joel Marion, CISSN, NSCA-CPT has been helping literally millions of people world-wide slash body fat, gain muscle, and dramatically improve their lives through his cutting edge articles, witty blogs, and breakthrough diet programs He is a 5-time bestselling author and fitness personality. Joel has appeared on such television networks as NBC, ABC, and CBS, is a frequent guest on SIRIUS radio, and has been featured in the pages of more than 20 popular national newsstand magazines including Men's Fitness, Woman's Day, and Maximum Fitness. 
Founder and CEO of LIONS NOT SHEEP, the global movement for men, women and children. 
Setema Gali, Jr
Super Bowl Champion, Creator and Leader of the Prosperity Revolution ― a movement for those who are ruthlessly committed to living powerfully and creating results that matter.
Ali Zamany
CEO of American Smart Home & Smart Home PRO, Ali Zamany is driven to establish marketplace legacy— by forging a reputation by building lasting brands that create paramount consumer experiences. 
Jon Paramore
Author, Entrepreneur, Company Start-up Specialist and High Energy Sales Coach.
The man that removes "CHAOS" from businesses and then builds the teams to help them scale.
Kate Buck
Kate Buck is a Social Media consultant and strategist. Kate has worked with some of the top names in Internet Marketing as well as consulted with dozens of entrepreneurs, businesses and nonprofits both around the globe.
Sean Whalen
Founder and CEO of LIONS NOT SHEEP, the global movement for men, women and children. 
Ulyses Osuna
Founder of Influencer Press, a Pr firm that manages publicity for Influencers worth over $100M
Ashley J Roberts
The "hidden genius" behind Entrepreneurs  helping them strategize, systematize and scale.
Sam Struthers
As the CEO of Crest Exteriors, Sam has build the company to over $20 million  in less than 3 years
Brooke Castillo
Co-founder of The Life Coach School, Brooke Castillo has coached hundreds of clients to improve their lives, and certified some of the most successful coaches coaching today.
Wayne Salmans
Wayne is an empowerment coach and life strategist. He has taught over 4,500 agents, how to better their business and personal lives.
Jon Cheplak
Recognized for his success in real estate leadership and recruiting. Jon's a speaker, coach, trainer & consultant for top real estate companies.
Hoss Pratt
A nationally known authority at lead generation and lead conversion. Hoss is a master at converting prospects into clients and fence-sitters into sellers.
Jp Piccinini
CEO and Founder of JP And Associates REALTORS, one of the top 100 independently owned brokerages in the US specializing in real estate sales and marketing services
Jay Kinder
Co-Founder and CEO of the National Association of Expert Advisors℠  which is revolutionizing the real estate industry by providing proven and tested methods to build multi-million dollar businesses
Jody Jelas
Author of the best selling book  “Lady Balls”, Jody harnesses the power of mindset, branding, offer creation, social media and marketing to help her clients kick their businesses to another level.
Adam Lyons
Over the past 20 years, Adam Lyons has risen from his first job as a janitor, to become the founder of multiple companies and a world-renowned expert on business strategy. 
Rachel PedersEn
Social Media Strategist who specializes in creating and implementing intense social media strategies for a strong results.
Taylor Welch
 Co-Founder of Traffic and Funnels, which teaches you how to never have to "hunt" for new clients again by using their "Client Funnels" & "Traffic Generation" strategies.
Chris Evans
 Co-Founder of Traffic and Funnels, the agency that specializes in building out funnels for consultants and service providers
More Speakers to Come...
 I guarantee that this will be unlike an other “Mastermind” you’ve ever… ever attended.
I guarantee that you’ll be treated with A+ service and care from the very moment you walk into the event.
I guarantee to start and end our event on time and organize our speakers in a way that makes what you’ll be shown easily digestible.
April 23, 2020

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

April 23, 2020

9:00 AM   - 12:15 PM
12:15 PM -   1:30 PM
1:30 PM   -   7:00 PM
7:00 PM

Doors Open
Mastermind Sessions
Mastermind Sessions
April 24, 2020

9:00 AM   - 12:15 PM
12:15 PM -   1:30 PM
1:30 PM   -   6:30 PM
6:30 PM

Door Open
Mastermind Sessions
Mastermind Sessions
The Westin Galleria 
13340 Dallas Pkwy
Dallas, TX, 75240
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  • ​Marketing, business, and mindset insights to help you grow your business
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  •  VIP Welcome Reception
  • Exclusive Q&A Session
  • Event Recordings: these are often sold for $497 on their own, but VIPs get them included!
  •  Funnel Closer: Sales and closing training that is $1,997 by itself, and it's included for VIPs.
  • Break Free Academy Digital: An in-depth training platform that sells for $1,997 by itself, but VIP's get it included!
  • FREE Merch: BFA Swag Bag
$9997 $999
  • ​Everything theVIP Ticket Includes, PLUS...
  • Exclusive Dinner with speakers (50 ppl max)
  •  VIP Welcome Reception
  • Exclusive Q&A Session
  • Event Recordings: these are often sold for $497 on their own, but VIPs get them included!
  •  Funnel Closer: Sales and closing training that is $1,997 by itself, and it's included for VIPs.
  • Break Free Academy Digital: An in-depth training platform that sells for $1,997 by itself, but VIP's get it included!
  • FREE Merch: BFA Swag Bag
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